Mohari is your space to gather, learn, share knowledge, and ask questions.

Our workshops are designed to increase your efficacy in healing and in your ability to thrive. Our classes and workshops are here to spread the knowledge of holistic wellness and to help you discover which practices are best for you as an individual, and for your community.

Upcoming Workshops


With Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, and special musical guests.

Embark on a jounery between heaven and hell in Oakland’s #1 Sound “Healing” Temple – Mohari. Float away in the abyss of exapnsive sound. Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney has been performing and teaching in the Bay Area for over 25 years. No journey is to near or to far. Dive into your inner self and climb out renewed.

The Mohari Sound Healing voyage will bath you in lush & rich sounds that will relax, elevate & energize you. Musical flavors from the low hum of Tibetan bowls, vibrations of the Didgeridoo, angelic beats of the Halo, trance drumming and heavenly vocals will transport port you to another demension and back.

Mohari is a diamond in the bluff. Mohari is a wellness center and a sonic surprise. It’s acustic are elevating.

Levitation may occur.

$30/person. Come 30 minutes early for our complimentary herbal teas and elixirs.

Sunday   May 13th, June 3rd & 17th, July 1st & 15th, August 5th, & 12th


$30 per Sunday

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Ticket includes a flight of our adaptogenic wellness tea and herb blends.  Flights of either Pu’er, Kava or wellness formulas will be served.

Arrive 1/2 hour before main event.

Ecstatic Practices

Tuesdays: June-July 2018

  Classes will have physical exercises and active meditation with some discussion & lecture.  Check in to see which classes will have live music with sound scientist Eenor.

  •  breath practices, pranayama, breath physiology & deep breathing for healing and recovery.
  • toning, mantra & sound science to balance out the nervous system, to stimulate one out of depressive states & to calm one from anxiety.
  • movement, yoga, dance, play & “acting out”/ using theatrical exercises to discover and make more accessible aspects of self
  • hands on practices for self soothing and supporting others
  • mindfulness, concentration & meditation – mind strengthening and awareness building practices to quiet the mind
  • study of chakras/ energetic centers and related non-dual Tantrik philosophy

Each class will have a variety of practices – some repeated to deepen the experience and ability to take home with you, and some new each week to build the toolbox.

Practices & sequences designed to:

  • create sense of safety in the body mind
  • cultivate creative flow & shake out the mundane
  • recognize & break patterns of limiting beliefs and expired constructs
  • gain new perspectives on self & life
  • get to know essentail Self and grow unfolding aspects of self
  • create & expand conscious community!

Most classes w/ live music by Eenor Wildeboar…   Check back for guest teachers.

Tuesdays June & July 7-9PM

Ecstatic Practices with Adaptogenic Wellness Tea & Herbs

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Ticket includes a flight of our adaptogenic wellness tea and herb blends.  Flights of either Pu’er, Kava or wellness formulas will be served.

Arrive 1/2 hour before main event.

Just Ecstatic 

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Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture Seminar

150 Hour Certificate Program

2018 – Four weekends:

March 3rd & 4th:  Digestion

May 19th & 20thWomen’s Health/Fertility

August 18th & 19thFundamentals

November 3rd & 4thAdvanced Pain

Presenter: Monika Kobylecka

15 CEU’s Approved



Please email us at info@Mohari.Life for any questions.

$400 per weekend 

May 2018

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2018 Three Weekend Package……. TBD

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