WHO: Distinguished fine artist Mahaveer Swami

WHAT: Art Opening Reception & Exhibition

WHERE: Mohari Wellness – 9 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

WHEN: Closed

WHY: First West Coast exhibit by a national treasure – rare opportunity to see and purchase masterworks.


Mystic Art of Mahaveer Swami

Presented by One Earth Sacred Arts and Mohari Wellness Center.

Please join us for this rare opportunity to meet one of the finest traditional artists of India at his first Bay Area exhibition. On display will be a selection of masterpieces in the intricate and detailed style of the beautiful desert city of Bikanir: artworks composed of graceful lines, subtle shading, and the rich colors of natural hand-ground pigments. He uses brushes, pigments, and paper created by local artisans of Bikanir, at the edge of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. The subjects of his work vary from delicate botanical paintings, to images of Hindu deities, to portraits of India’s mystics, and even common objects like children’s toys.

This is his first exhibition on the West Coast, and a rare opportunity to purchase one of these masterworks at a modest price without exorbitant shipping and insurance costs. If you wish to learn more about creating in this ancient style of sacred art, join his painting workshop at the same location, Oct 9 & 10th.

Short Biography of the Artist:

Born in 1959 at Bikaner in state of Rajasthan in India, Mahaveer Swami received his initial training at home and later accomplished Diploma in Painting & Sculpture at the Rajasthan School of Art in Jaipur. Meanwhile he mastered in traditional style of painting under guidance of his mentor late Shri Vedpal Sharma “Bannu”. He continues the tradition, working closely with his son and dozens of students world-wide.

Mahaveer’s style is deeply influenced by Mughal and Rajasthani Miniatures. His profound understanding of spiritual teachings helps to make his paintings of ascetics and mystics particularly striking. As a body, he was spellbound by holy men who visited his grandfather. Unaware of differences between Hindu (Pandits) and Muslim (Sufi) mystics, he was fascinated by them all, enchanted by the glow on their faces. Today, he still paints in an ancient Jain shrine that he has expanded into a modern art studio

He has received around 10 major awards for his artwork in India and internationally. His work has been widely published and exhibited in over 50 museums and galleries around the world, including: France, Belgium, Israel, United States, Germany, Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Spain, Algeria, and Australia.

His work is in the permanent collection of Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the Museum Of Sacred Art in Durbuy, Belgium, the Cultural International Festival of Miniature & Illumination in Tlemcen, Algeria and in One Asia Project, Auroville, Pondicherry. He has given workshops in dozens of locations, including: Paris, Washington, DC, Cairo, Jerusalem, Dubai, Bhutan, Algeria, Taiwan, Belgium, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bikaner, and Jaipur.





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